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Kundalini Krya Yoga

Kundalini yoga employs ancient techniques using posture, breath work, meditation and chanting that, when practiced, teaches a beautiful control of energy which can positively effect mood, lifestyle choices and with consistency, accelerate one’s spiritual journey.

A Kundalini mix studio

We are a hybrid online and in-person studio. We are also a hybrid-Kundalini Yoga studio. Hence the word ‘Mix’.

The original premise of kundalini yoga is evolving, and so are we. We mix Kundalini-style yoga with breath work, Vinyasa, Hatha, and for some teachers, incorporating ayurveda, human design, even some newly developing practices. We also offer traditional Kundalini yoga classes. Something for everyone.

We’d like you to experience the benefit of the energy work so well-perfected in Kundalini yoga mixed with a variety of modalities. All are designed to create joy and ease, a better quality of life.

Unique payment plan

Yogarama is designed to honor the teacher.  All class donations for are given directly to the teacher, and kept by the teacher.

Yogarama studio keeps the $25 subscription fee per student. This fee is intentionally designed to be reasonable.  We feel that any student who finds their way to a regular yoga practice will create a greater ease and joy in their lives. We hope the student uses Yogarama as they like, day to day.

YogaRama is at the threshold of a new beginning started by Seattle’s Guru Gayatri

Yogarama was started by Marilyn Smith who for many years took classes at Guru Gayatri, a kundalini yoga studio in downtown Seattle under the tutelage of Sada Simran. Along with his beloved wife Cindi, they built a strong community up and until the pandemic, at which point Sada unexpectedly passed away from the trauma of COVID.

With a desire to create a space for yoga students ready to fill the breach, this yoga studio was born

Kundalini yoga employs ancient techniques using posture, breath work, meditation, chanting and gong that, when practiced, teaches an addictive self-ease, day to day joy, a simple knowing, and self liberation. Through a learned control of energy, the student can positively effect mood, self-heal, and in turn become more conscious in the navigation of life and choices. Ultimately, if desired and with consistency, Kundalini yoga will accelerate one’s spiritual journey.

This studio understands there is no one way

Many of the YogaRama teachers are of the same lineage, and yet beautifully very unique. Teacher personalities, styles, speeds, rhythms and physical intensities and yogic modalities are very different. The students will find the teacher that best matches their sense of themselves, or what they are called to learn.

The teacher creates the portal and the student self-initiates, and steps in

Gone are the days where teachers teach to gain influence, be the “one” or mold the student to any particular likeness. Today, the teacher sets the stage, and through often-times heretofore unknown energetic portals gleaned through asana, breathing and meditation, the student performs for themselves.

Please join us

Finally, to use an oft-repeated concept that really hits home, this is a safe space. Please come and enjoy community fostered by acceptance, and growth. Join the yoga, and help us help each other create the world we want to live in.

About Marilyn

In addition to a career in real estate and nurturing YogaRama, Marilyn is a support trainer for Guru Singh at Kundalini University under the auspices of Uplifted Yoga by Brett Larkin.

YogaRama in SODO

Free Parking

There is plenty of parking directly in front of the YogaRama studio.

SODO is easily accessed by I5, 99 or Link light rail.
Don’t think of it as a different part of town,
think of it is one of the easiest places to land

Some approximate times…

Eastlake: 9 minutes
West Seattle: 10 minutes
Mt Baker: 12 minutes
North Seattle: 15 minutes
Burien: 12 minutes

Phone: (206) 307-8881
Email: info@yogarama.com