Caleb Knox

Caleb connected with yoga cross-training for surfing, noticing the postures of wave-riding evoked what he experienced in his first vinyasa flow. The mental/spiritual benefits of these practices also felt similar. Realizing yoga was a freely available source of spiritual energy, yoga evolved into a steady practice, and eventually into a fully committed love after being introduced to the Rocket sequence, and an eclectic community of its devotees in San Francisco. This free-spirited, rebellious family was instrumental in providing Caleb a safe space to truly be himself, having nearly quit yoga in initial distaste of not feeling a sense of belonging within the cliches of yoga-studio culture.

The steady practice provided gradual and profound healing of emotional patterns, depression, and anxiety. The more yoga, the more clarity, and intuition came.

Caleb began to teach after 5 years and channeled the insights he continued to receive from yoga into other healing arts such as reiki, sound healing, healing ceremonies and breathwork.


Caleb also discovered Kundalini yoga and experienced a lightning bolt of increased healing and vitality. Yoga became more dynamic, and sustainable, through integrating and balancing kundalini and Astanga, both of which showed the same common medicine of removing stagnation. In 2019 Caleb went on an extended pilgrimage to India, studying kundalini and Astanga as well as Ayurveda and meditation.


Caleb’s goals as a teacher are to create a welcoming and supportive community that encourages steady growth for all. He aims to honor the roots of yoga by teaching the breath as the most important aspect, along with bandha and dristi. His classes reference Patanjali’s yoga sutras in order for yoga to be liberating not only physically but mental-spiritually through deconditioning of trauma and societal programming.