Sara Campbell

Sara moved from her home country of England to the coastal town of Dahab in the South Sinai of Egypt, establishing herself as a fearless and unique life-practitioner. Fusing her spiritual practice and her explorations to the depths of the ocean on one breath, Sara created a unique teaching philosophy to guide people beyond their fears and back to their truth and joy.
Having recently moved to The Canary Islands, Sara explores the relationship with the self, with the mind, with nature, and with the ‘big picture’ of life. Using freediving as a metaphor for how we live, Sara acts as a guide on a journey to explore personal development, greater awareness and spirituality, as well as depth.

Sara is a British, record-breaking freediver in free immersion (FIM) (diving to a depth of 81 m), constant weight (CWT) (96 m) and constant without fins (56 m). On 2 April 2009, Sara Campbell set a new women’s freediving world record in the Bahamas by diving to 96 m in constant weight.